159.Auction- Furniture,Carpeting,Silver 2022-06-18 Auction - 546 Price Results - Historia Auctionata in Berlin
Splendid lyre-secretary in VieBouillon tureen on presentoir,Standing secretary, Louis-Phil
DoneJun 28, 2022 5:49 PM EDT
Berlin, Berlin, Germany
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159.Auction- Furniture,Carpeting,Silver

Dear customers, In order to sweeten the time until the autumn auction season, we are pleased to present our 159th catalog. Over 5300 objects from art, antiques, jewelry and fashion will be offered on a total of 6 days. In addition to the usual varied assortment of antiques, we were able to acquire a rare rediscovery. Three monumental marble busts by the hand of Josef Thorak with piquant provenance could be included in the catalog. The heads of Friedrich II, Bismarck and Nietzsche were originally intended for the Nuremberg Party Congress. These can only be viewed by appointment in the Bremen area. We hope you enjoy reading and bidding. Your Historia Team
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Art nouveau knife set, around: Art nouveau knife set, around 1900, plated, 6 fruit knives in a stand, with floral relief decoration, total h. 24,5 cm
1200: Art nouveau knife set, aroundEst. €50-€65Lot Passed
Four-piece coffee and tea set,: Four-piece coffee and tea set, Denmark, 1930, hallmark Christian F. Heise, silver 830/000 on 4 decorated feet, bulbous body, handles attached to the sides, jugs with hinged flap lids with flower
1201: Four-piece coffee and tea set,Est. €2,000-€2,600Lot Passed
Cream jug, c. 1900, silver gil: Cream jug, c. 1900, silver gilt, remains of gilding on the inside, on a round vaulted stand, short shaft, bulbous body, decorated handle on the side, broad spout, wall with floral relief decoration,
1202: Cream jug, c. 1900, silver gilEst. €80-€104Lot Passed
Small sugar sprinkler, Austria: Small sugar sprinkler, Austria, mid 19th century, silver 13 soldered (812,5/000), fitting curved and domed stand, bulbous body with vertically structured wall, domed and hinged hinged lid (hinge
1203: Small sugar sprinkler, AustriaEst. €80-€104Lot Passed
Salt cellar, 20th century, sil: Salt cellar, 20th century, silver tested, in the shape of a pagoda, with hanging loop, h. 5 cm, ca. 29 g
1204: Salt cellar, 20th century, silEst. €60-€78
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Spice cover jar with spoon, 20: Spice cover jar with spoon, 20th century, silver 950/000, on 3 paw feet, smooth bulbous body, hinged hinged lid, complete with glass insert, Ø 4,5 cm, weight (without insert) ca. 45 g
1205: Spice cover jar with spoon, 20Est. €60-€78
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Three candlesticks, 20th centu: Three candlesticks, 20th century, plated, each with round stand, cylindrical shaft, h. up to 16 cm
1206: Three candlesticks, 20th centuEst. €60-€78Lot Passed
Rectangular bowl, 20th century: Rectangular bowl, 20th century, plated, on 4 feet, rounded corners, wall with ornamental and figural decor, l. 36 cm
1207: Rectangular bowl, 20th centuryEst. €60-€78Lot Passed
Oval footed bowl, England, 20t: Oval footed bowl, England, 20th century, maker's mark Elkington & Co., Birmingham, plated, oval stand, flat top bowl, godroned at the base, l. 29 cm
1208: Oval footed bowl, England, 20tEst. €80-€104Lot Passed
Set of eight pieces, France, 2: Set of eight pieces, France, 20th century, master mark Christofle, Paris, plated, 4 brandy cups and 4 coasters, h. 5,5 cm, Ø to 13 cm
1209: Set of eight pieces, France, 2Est. €80-€104
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Rectangular tray, France, 20th: Rectangular tray, France, 20th century, master mark Christofle, Paris, plated, slightly moulded form, rounded corners, profiled rim, l. 42 cm
1210: Rectangular tray, France, 20thEst. €80-€104
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mixed lot of small parts, 20th: mixed lot of small parts, 20th century, silver of different finenesses, 5 cocks, 1 ornamental spoon and silver jewellery parts, partly with coloured stones, total gross weight approx. 234 g
1211: mixed lot of small parts, 20thEst. €100-€130
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Carafe with silver mounting, 2: Carafe with silver mounting, 20th century, silver 950/000, round stand, 3-sided body, slender neck, stopper dented, body clear glass, h. 21 cm
1212: Carafe with silver mounting, 2Est. €80-€104
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Oval lidded bowl on a presento: Oval lidded bowl on a presentoir, Spain, after 1934, silver 915/000, oval presentoir on 4 feet in the shape of vine leaves, side handles in the shape of vines and vine leaves, godroned rim, lidded
1213: Oval lidded bowl on a presentoEst. €2,200-€2,860
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Goblet, c. 1900, silver hallma: Goblet, c. 1900, silver hallmarked, gilt interior, round vaulted base, filled stem, spherical dome, the body with rich relief decoration, the dome with applied cartouche with date, engraved
1214: Goblet, c. 1900, silver hallmaEst. €180-€234Lot Passed
Writing set, probably Mainz 17: Writing set, probably Mainz 17th century, silver, cast and chased, Mainz mark. Deep round bowl on three ball feet, with 3 ink lidded barrels on the flag, on the lids fully plastic figures of
1215: Writing set, probably Mainz 17Est. €1,000-€1,300
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Teapot. Paul Storr, London pro: Teapot. Paul Storr, London probably 1817, sterling, consisting of teapot with leg handle and lid knob, sugar bowl and cream pourer, gilding inside, wall inside and outside godroned, relief, on the
1216: Teapot. Paul Storr, London proEst. €5,000-€6,500Lot Passed
Four-piece coffee and tea cent: Four-piece coffee and tea centre, 20th century, plated, smooth form, angular handles attached to the sides, cross-band decoration, jugs with hinged lids, h. up to 16,5 cm, plus oval tray, plated,
1217: Four-piece coffee and tea centEst. €120-€156Lot Passed
Three-piece tea centre piece,: Three-piece tea centre piece, 20th century, maker's mark DAC, silver-gilt, round stand, the sides with a vertical arrangement, plug-in lid, angular wooden handles attached to the sides, h. up to 18.5
1218: Three-piece tea centre piece,Est. €800-€1,040Lot Passed
Art Deco teapot, German, 1920s: Art Deco teapot, German, 1920s/30s, maker's mark Otto Wolter, Schwäbisch Gmünd, silver 800/000, oval domed stand, smooth walls, handle attached to the side, stepped plug-in lid, walls with
1219: Art Deco teapot, German, 1920sEst. €300-€390
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Round walnut bowl with silver: Round walnut bowl with silver mounting, 20th century, silver tested, on 3 ball feet, rim mounted, Ø 25,5 cm
1220: Round walnut bowl with silverEst. €80-€104
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Figural salver, 20th century,: Figural salver, 20th century, MZ, silver 835/000, swan shape, glass body with mounting, hinged openwork wings, l. 7,5 cm
1221: Figural salver, 20th century,Est. €80-€104
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Round jam jar, German, early 2: Round jam jar, German, early 20th century, maker's mark WMF, Geislingen, plated, on 3 decorated feet, complete with glass lidded jar, Ø 16 cm
1222: Round jam jar, German, early 2Est. €80-€104Lot Passed
Oval breakthrough bowl, Englan: Oval breakthrough bowl, England, 1897, city mark: Birmingham, maker's mark TW, sterling silver 925/000, matching curved stand and body, open worked with rich relief decoration, l. 18 cm, approx. 72 g
1223: Oval breakthrough bowl, EnglanEst. €100-€130Lot Passed

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